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Since 1953, Quinn Patent Drawing Service provided high quality patent drawings for U.S. and foreign filing for our corporate and law firm customers. Over 3 generations, Quinn Patent has changed with the times, moving from printing presses and darkrooms to computers and the Internet. Quinn Patent was the first patent drafting company to provide an online, secure electronic environment in which to order, receive and store your patent drawings, as well as collaborate with coworkers and Quinn draftsmen. This allows a better managed workflow, reduced administrative costs and improved productivity.  We continue now as Quinn Jay Patent with the same high quality drawings and focused staff, but with lower pricing.

Imagine combining the power and convenience of the Internet with the nation's leading patent drawing company. Now you have a powerful asset to provide your market with the electronic solutions they demand while enhancing your firm's performance and reputation!


Quinn Jay Patent Services

Quinn provides patent and trademark illustration services to clients all over the country including:

  • Original drafting of figures for design and utility cases
  • Revisions of electronic files for compliance with US (and PCT) drawing rules
  • Preparation of drawings for USPTO electronic filing
  • Revisions, conversions and/or printing for foreign filing
  • "Digital Darkroom" for the preparation of photographic images
  • Trademark drawings and conversion for USPTO electronic filing

Quinn Jay Patent, LLC. is woman-owned and operated.