Using the site / Help

The following provides detailed help on the use of the online Quinn Patent Paperless Patent Drawing Solution®. Click on a specific topic or print this entire help for a printed reference. If you have any questions or experience any problems please contact us.

Step-by-Step New User Registration

  1. From the Home Page, click on the New Users - Register Here button.
  2. Enter a valid e-mail address and password (at least 5 characters long). Confirm your password by typing it again and then click the Register button.
  3. You will then see a Thank You page and a Confirmation Message will be sent to the e-mail address you specified.
  4. Go to your e-mail account and open the Confirmation Message. Click on the unique link embedded in the e-mail message OR copy and paste it into your browser. A sample confirmation message is shown below:
  5. Thank you for registering to use The Quinn Solution™. To complete your registration, please click on the following link or copy and paste it into your browser:

  6. You will see a Welcome screen that asks you to formally login and complete your "My Profile " information. Click on the red Click Here button to proceed.
  7. You will then see the login screen shown below.  Enter your e-mail address and password and then click on the Login button. Both e-mail address and password are case sensitive. You can choose to remember your password each time you login by checking the designated box (requires cookies and Javascript).

  8. Complete the My Profile information screen and click the Save button when you are finished. Note that you will be asked to specify your default preferences for orders at this time. But when you submit individual orders, you can always override these defaults if needed. The default preferences are defined below:

After completing the My Profile screen, you will be ready to submit your first order! Above we show you what the My Profile screen looks like.


If you have already completed the New User Registration process, then you are considered a registered user. At each visit to, you can access the login screen by clicking on "Login" on the right hand side of the home page. Or you will be prompted for your login information when you attempt to access a secured area. At the login screen, enter your e-mail address and password and then click the Login button. You won't have to login again unless your session times out (approximately after 30 minutes) or you explicitly logout.

The Quinn Solution™ is password protected and uses the SSL security protocol.  If you do not first login, you will be prompted for your login information the first time during a browsing session when you attempt to access a secured area. The login page is the gateway to The Quinn Solution™ and is not intended for bookmarking. Trying to access the system via a bookmarked login page will not work.

If the e-mail address and password you supply are not found in the system, you will not gain access to the area you requested. The system will give you an opportunity to try again in case your e-mail address or password was misspelled. If you forgot your password, click the
Forgot your password? text link to have your password sent to you.

ORDER DESK -- Place an Order

(must be logged into the system to place orders online)

From the Order Desk, you can place orders for U.S. and foreign drawings. You can submit orders online or via fax/mail. To send via fax/mail, click on the text link [Fax/Mail] and print the corresponding PDF file. 

The following presents instructions for submitting an order online:

  1. Go to the Order Desk (you can get there from the Home Page or from the navigation bar at the top of your screen).
  2. Decide if you want to send an order for U.S. Drawings or Foreign Drawings. Click on the corresponding [Online] link to go to the Online Order Form.
  3. Complete the Online Order Form, making sure to fill in all required fields (noted in red) and follow the recommended data formats noted in parentheses.

Attaching Files

  1. You can Attach Files to your order by clicking on the Add attachments (drawings, forms, etc.) link as shown below.
  2. You will then see the Attachments screen as shown below. To attach a file, click the Browse button to select a file from the desired location and then click the Add File button. Repeat these steps until all files are uploaded. Then click the Done button to return to the Online Order Form. You might find it easier to attach a zipped file that contains all of the files you want to attach. The system will automatically decompress the zipped file for you. Files sizes are limited to 20 MB. (We can accomodate larger files. Please call 410-286-3970 or e-mail

  3. You can send hard copies of drawings, PTO forms, photos and other pertinent paper-based items to accompany your electronic order. As shown below, check the box that indicates how you plan on sending the additional materials (fax, regular mail or courier) and explain as needed in the space provided. Simply attach the hard copy materials to a printout of the Order Confirmation e-mail that you receive from Quinn and forward in the manner indicated.
  4. You can share your order and drawings with up to 2 other registered users:

    Your shared users will also receive email order confirmations and email notification when drawings are ready for review.

  5. At the end of the Online Order Form, you can leave your Default Preferences unchanged (as specified in My Profile) OR change the information as needed for this particular order (see below).

  6. Preference for this Order

  7. If you want to start over, simply click the Reset button and begin again. When you have finished filling out the Online Order Form and everything is correct, click the Submit button.
  8. You will receive an Order Confirmation e-mail sent to the e-mail address of the user who submitted the order.

VIRTUAL DRAWING BOARD -- Review, Download and Approve Drawings

(You must be logged into the system to complete this step)

  2. The user that submits an order and any shared users will receive an e-mail notice from Quinn when the drawings have been completed and posted to the Virtual Drawing Board. You can also go online to the Virtual Drawing Board and check out the Current Orders table (sample shown below) at any time to see if your drawings have been posted (see the column titled Quinn Drawings Last Posted). Each row in the Current Orders table represents an order. For each order you can view the Quinn Order #, your Docket Number, the Serial Number, last name of Applicant, date the order was submitted, date Quinn last posted drawings, and the status of order approval. To view an order's detail, click on the red Order Info button. To sort all the orders, click on any column title to sort by that field.

    NOTE: Current is defined as all pending orders and orders completed by Quinn within the past 10 business days.

  4. To review your drawings, go to the Virtual Drawing Board where you will see the Current Orders table. Locate the order you are interested in and click on the red Drawing button in that row. You will then be presented with a Drawings table for this particular order as shown below.

  6. To download your drawings, go must first go to the Virtual Drawing Board where you will see the Current Orders table. Locate the order you are interested in and click on the red Drawing button in that row. You will then be presented with a Drawings table for this particular order. From the Drawings table, you can download all the drawings all at once in PDF format.   Drawings in PDF format are suitable for printing and filing on A-4 size paper.

  8. Go to the Virtual Drawing Board where the Current Orders table is displayed. Each row in the table represents an order. To approve an order and all associated drawings, click the red Approve button in the last column of the order's row titled Order Approval. Once the drawings have been approved, the red Approve button will be replaced with the date of approval. Quinn will then close out your order and send out any hard copies as specified in the original order (e.g., U.S. mail or FedEx).


When you are done using The Quinn Solution™, you may logout by clicking the Logout button at the top or bottom navigation bar. Nothing harmful will happen if you don't, but someone else could use your computer and access the Quinn system as you. Your session will time out after thirty minutes or upon closing your browser.